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At iSchoolIndia, we provide first class online and Classroom education/teaching for the nation’s toughest syllabus Central Board Secondary Education. For students who have tough time coping up with syllabus like CBSE syllabus iSchoolIndia simplifies the learning methodology and make you easy to follow the standards.

Classes: 9th to 10th  

A critical phase in ones learning path is during High school and Intermediate, because there is lot of learning happening during this phase. One is being molded according to the norms and standards. We at iSchoolIndia having understood the difficulties of learning during High School,and so have customized the topics so that it encourages and enriches ones creative and innovative skills. We have very well analyzed the needs of various parents and worked out an innovative method of teaching.

Medium: English & Hindi

The primary medium of instruction is in English & Hindi.

Subjects: Mathematics, Science(Physcics,Chemistry,Biology)

Mathematics, Sciences are the main subjects students like to be taught on.  These are the subjects where students invest their time and effort to attain higher grades. But, to the relief of the students who find difficulties in these subjects, iSchoolIndia has the easiest methodology  in teaching where students will get better grades with the help of experienced and caring tutors.

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