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Giving back to society is not just a corporate and government responsibility but also every individual’s duty. India is a country where cities are thriving with IT boom and technology revolution, but the villages are staggering behind because of lack of education. Education, as a fundamental human right, is one of the most important and strategic medium for human resource development. But unfortunately not everyone is blessed enough to avail education to its full potential. Inequalities in the availability and quality of education exists not only between rural and urban areas, public and private institutions but also between gender differences and socio-economic conditions. We strongly believe that a collaborative effort between the government, business leaders, and individuals within the society can change the present state of education in rural India. With this thought we, as a socially responsible youth of our country, started to work towards reforming the education quality and education availability across the nation. iSchoolIndia was formed in 2012 & incorporated in January 2014, in order to bring revolution in the standard of education that is currently available in rural India. Our initial goal is to create a strong footprint in Jamalpur and Munger, remote villages in Bihar, and then eventually extend our support across rural India. We realize that education is the key to enhance India’s competitiveness in this global economy. We believe that true success lies in achieving a goal that will eventually help the people of our society to which we belong.iSchoolIndia aims to be the backbone of our nation in the next five years with its only objective as to raise the people of rural India. The iSchoolIndia is structured with thought of engaging students for lifelong involvement. We take pride in our community and we want our students and faculty to feel the same. Our vision is to leave legacy of young leaders who will drive and grow iSchoolIndia across the country with an aim towards creating a better world for the children of tomorrow.


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