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What happens to the food once it enters our body?
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First the food we eat are get crushed with our teeth.The food is then wetted to make its passage smooth.
It gets broken into smaller molecules. With the help of biological catalysts called enzymes for absorption in alimentary canal.
The food is mixed thoroughly with saliva and moved around the mouth while chewing by the muscular tongue.

The lining of canal has muscles that contract rhythmically in order to push the food forward.
From the mouth, the food is taken to the stomach through the food-pipe or esophagus.

The stomach expands when food enters it. The muscular walls of the stomach help in mixing the food
thoroughly with more digestive juices.

These digestion functions are taken care of by the gastric glands which release hydrochloric acid called pepsin, and mucus.

The mucus protects the inner lining of the stomach from the action of the acid under normal conditions.
From the stomach, the food now enters the small intestine from where the the exit of food into the small intestine takes place.
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